We have the speed, trusted resources, and experienced professionals needed to meet your supply chain needs (large or small) on a global scale. As an entrepreneurial boutique operation, AM Industries is flexible and nimble enough to provide strong outcomes for small to mid-market companies as well as some of the largest companies in the world.

Outsourced manufacturing has become an integral part of most global businesses. To operate in an increasingly competitive global market, a sourcing strategy that involves buying locally combined with sourcing from low-cost countries has assumed great importance.



Quality management is integral to every part of the manufacturing process, from conception to the delivery of the final product. Quality management for manufacturing can seem like a daunting task alongside the challenge of balancing manufacturing processes that demand exacting precision with managing coordination between engineering and operations, maximizing global supply networks and carrying out efficient administrative processes.

As your eyes in Quality manufacturing standards control and the supply chain.

We’re here to answer your questions, help you decide you’d like to know us better, keep your on-going projects, control products quality, keep project timetable and develop an ongoing relationship that positions everyone involved for tremendous success.



Through partnership and shared expertise, collaboration is key in helping us to develop innovative solutions for your projects. Besides our own development expansion, we aim to grow alongside selected companies who share our commitment to innovation.

By partnering, we are able to offer a suitable, competitive portfolio of products bringing innovative solutions to partners around the world, while expanding the global reach of our businesses.

Partners collaborate with AM Industries to develop new market opportunities and projects together to bring added- value solutions to customers across active regions.


You can rely on us to ensure that we complete your kitted and final assembly orders efficiently, correctly and on time to meet your customer’s needs. Simplify your labour and inventory management by letting us manage your kitting and final assembly needs.

Both assembly and kitting services can offer significant benefits to your growing business. Outsourcing kitting and assembly to a third-party provider enables business owners and employees to free up more time to focus on core business.

By partnering with an assembly or kitting provider, businesses can experience such benefits as better lead times, lowered overhead costs, and reduced fulfilment and shipping mistakes. With more time and resources, you can provide better, faster service for your valued customers. Are you ready to explore your options for kitting and assembly services?


  • Lot Control
  • Repackaging
  • Inspection Services
  • Kitting/Light Assembly
  • Warehousing & Distribution


We offer the widest variety of building products and the best construction supplies. We provide services and search products for residential and commercial construction sites and work with the industry-leading suppliers in the construction/remodelling field.

We partner with the best vendors – and many more – to stock everything from commercial and residential insulation and sheetrock to steel studs and track systems. It doesn’t matter if it’s sheetrock, insulation or steel framing, we’ve got precisely what you require to get the job done. Our team members are dedicated to providing the highest calibre in customer satisfaction.

AM Industries is an expert at assisting clients to choose the best option for every construction application. If you’re not able to locate exactly what you need, just let us know. No matter what your construction project requires, wherever your construction site.


We are offering stainless steel components that are widely used in various other industries. We fabricate these Stainless Steel Components in adherence with the industry set norms and quality standards. In addition to that, we offer these parts in different sizes and specifications.

We produce a line of institutional stainless steel components for residential kitchens, wineries, breweries, distillers, aquaculture industry.

AM’s the answer anywhere stainless steel kitchen, residential and commercial buildings. We will create custom components to suit your space and your requirements.


We have the storage solution to fit your needs. Built-in our facilities and delivered to you either fully assembled or ready for site construction, our silos are made to Australian conditions.

We supply safe and secure water tanks of all types and sizes for farming, domestic and industrial applications throughout Australia and around the world.

The quality, consistency, accuracy, and excellence in the performance of our metal product manufacturing services are guaranteed. Discover the difference.


We specialize in supplying from small steel structure of patio covers, commercial sun canopies, and other healthy outdoor living products, which are comprised of the highest quality, manufactured and qualified until industrial heavy steel structure.

We create steel structure suitable for both, industrial and commercial operations. Warehouses, factories, aircraft hangars, cold storages, workshops, stadiums, supermarkets or any high-rise building. We offer modern solutions to all building constructions along with the benefits of superior quality, efficiency, and customer services.

We have a proven track record of supplying large and complex fabrications such as clean air, furnaces, large duct work, bulk storage, material handling, structural steel. Hoppers, and chutes for industries that include utilities, mining, oil & gas, industrial, alternative energy and solar.


We are offering a wide range of Carbon Steel Components to clients in standard dimensions and sizes to meet your exact needs. AM Industries strive orientation to diversify our customer base and the industries we serve in order to stabilize our business over the long-term. As a result, we fabricate many different types of products ranging from very simple to very complex sheet metal structures.

Metal Fabrication

Our custom metal fabrication services enable us to provide parts and components that match your unique requirements. With our equipment capabilities and more, we deliver products with consistent quality and perfect repeatability.

We are always striving to be the best custom fabrication shop we can be. We invite you to contact AM Industries to see how we may assist you.

Welded Assemblies

AM Industries produces high quality, high precision welded assemblies to meet your unique needs. All machines are cleaned, maintained, and calibrated regularly to ensure that our customers receive the best welding service possible.

Our welders can meet the highest quality standards to meet the challenges that will supply you with a quality job consistently.

Industrial Surface Treatment Services

Industrial Surface Treatment Services

As part of AM’s commitment to offering clients full-service product manufacturing, we handle all industrial painting and blasting jobs.

Meeting the needs of a high- production environment, our certified industrial galvanizing, painting, blasting and powder coating services.