You can rely on us to ensure that we complete your kitted and final assembly orders efficiently, correctly and on time to meet your customer’s needs. Simplify your labour and inventory management by letting us manage your kitting and final assembly needs.

Both assembly services and kitting services can offer significant benefits to your growing business. Outsourcing kitting and assembly to a third-party provider enables business owners and employees to free up more time to focus on core business.

By partnering with an assembly or kitting provider, businesses can experience such benefits as better lead times, lowered overhead costs, and reduced fulfillment and shipping mistakes. With more time and resources, you can provide better, faster service for your valued customers. Are you ready to explore your options for kitting and assembly services?


  • Lot Control
  • Repackaging
  • Inspection Services
  • Kitting/Light Assembly
  • Warehousing & Distribution