We are offering a wide range of Carbon Steel Components to clients in standard dimensions and sizes to meet your exact needs. AM Industries Vietnam strive orientation to diversify our customer base and the industries we serve in order to stabilize our business over the long-term. As a result, we fabricate many different types of products ranging from very simple to very complex sheet metal structures and steel spare parts.

According to customer request we manufacture steel components from small to large steel parts such as punched parts, laser parts, complex components, box dumper and special designs.


Our custom metal fabrication services enable us to provide parts and components that match your unique requirements. With our equipment capabilities and more, we deliver products with consistent quality and perfect repeatability.

We are always striving to be the best custom fabrication shop we can be. We invite you to contact AM Industries Vietnam to see how we may assist you.

AM Industries Vietnam produces high quality, high precision welded assemblies to meet your unique needs. All machines are cleaned, maintained, and calibrated regularly to ensure that our customers receive the best welding service possible.

Our welders can meet the highest quality standards to meet the challenges that will supply you with a quality job consistently.

As part of AM’s commitment to offering clients full-service product manufacturing, we handle all industrial painting and blasting jobs.

Meeting the needs of a high- production environment, our certified industrial galvanizing, painting, blasting and powder coating services.