A stainless steel water tank is generally used in all domestic and commercial property around the world. It varies in sizes, materials, and purposes of using. A good quality water storage tank is needed to ensure the safety of the water that we are using for different purposes on an everyday basis.

This blog will focus on the main components of a stainless-steel water tank irrespective of its type. The basic components of a water storage tank include the following:

Inlet and Outlet

The inlet and outlet allow the water to enter and exit the tank for regular uses. Therefore, its placement should be done at the right location. The inlet should be at the topmost location to store the maximum water possible. The outlet should be at the bottom of the tank to use the maximum water. The water needs to be circulated well to maintain the residuals and impurities that settle at the bottom. The outlet should be ideally above four to six inches from the bottom.

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Overflow Pipe

The overflow pipe is located at the inlet level at the top of the tank so that more water is not stored. It is required for freeboard to maintain the air gasp otherwise tank might burst due to excessive pressure.


It is located at the bottom of the stainless steel water tank to remove the residual deposits while cleaning the tank.


Fabricated to meet a variety of material specifications. Certified to meet an array of fabrication standards including ASME, PED, and API650

Shipping capabilities include the ability to cradle, brace, or jelly-roll your shells so that they reach your facility in optimal condition

Value-added options such as heat transfer and manways available for your shells



Vent pipes are located at the top of the tank to release air. Air is removed out through vent pipes at the time of refilling water in the tank. Opening of vent pipes should face downwards to prevent any unwanted object to enter the tank.

Level Indicator

A level indicator is dipstick or graduated rod that indicates the quantity of water stored inside the tank.


A sump is located at the base of the tank for draining purpose. The additional sump may be required for installation of submersible pumps in case of underground or on ground water tanks.


Manhole is an opening into a tank top for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. It is an opening in the top of the tank with a lid that can be locked.

They go by several different names: manways, manholes, handholes, access ports, and hatches, but their function is the same. Giving your customer access to the interior of the vessel is critical for their operation. With a stainless steel manway, tank maintenance such as periodic cleaning, inspection, and servicing is made easier. This maintenance will keep their vessel in peak working condition.

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Tank heads

While tank head details like style, dimensions, and polish requirements typically come from your customer, you often offer guidance that can only come from an experienced vessel fabricator. You get asked questions like these every day: “Are there more cost-effective options that will still meet my requirements?” and “Can you provide a material finish will keep my product safe and within regulatory guidelines?”

These are the basic components of a water storage tank that needs to be checked at the time of installation properly.

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