In the first article, we showed you the various benefits which are brought from using reusable steel packings for your business and our environment. In this article, to support you choose the right packing for your shipment, we’d like to introduce five commonly used types which we can also provide to you with high quality and incentive prices.

There are 5 types which we will mention: stillages/ cradles, lifting frames, support frames, metal storage bins and bulk containers.


Bulk containers

Bulk containers are the most widely used steel packing around the would thanks to its lifetime durability, strong features and economic values. Today, steel bulk containers dominate many industries, such as agriculture, food processing, and industrial manufacturing.

Store and transport a variety of bulky items with these sturdy, reusable containers. They’re collapsible to maximize available storage space and minimize return shipment costs.

Steel Shipping Frames 1


Stillages/ Cradles

A stillage is like a pallet or skid, but with a cage or sides, or some form of support specifically tailored to the material it is intended to carry. Some are designed to be stackable

A stillage is usually designed and manufactured using steel and is used for separating and carrying goods, for example to move them around a factory floor or to aid in the transportation of goods.

Stillages can benefit your business by reducing the time it takes to load and unload your products during transportation to warehouses or end users. More and more business are using stillages as their usual steel packing.

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Lifting Frames

Lifting Frames are to provide stability and structural support during shipping and operation. Use lifting frames to effectively transport heavy drums across your factory or production floors.

At AM, steel frames are manufactured to your own specification or designs and engineered to match your precise requirements based on our extensive service to industry.

Steel Components 1
Lifting Frames


Support Frames

Support frames are designed to provide a lightweight, portable option for supporting container shipment. This is also a widely used steel packing using in sea shipment.

BA support frames 3


Metal storage bins

These storage bins are a great way to organize items that you need to have access. AM Industries Vietnam has a great variety of metal storage bins and we offer custom bins that meet your specific needs.

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