Container shipping is the final step to bring product to customers. Therefore, most of company do not give the worthy concern to it (including packaging, loading, and unloading process). At AM, with the motto to bring the highest quality product to customers, we fully understand the important of container shipping and put our effort to make it best.


A brief about container shipping

Shipping containers are the most efficient means of transport across the globe. Their design allows multi-modal transport seamlessly between trucks, trailers, port handling equipment, shipping vessels and railheads.  The most popular shipping method all over the world is the 20-foot long shipping container (20’ container).

The most difficult and complicated step is arranging products to fit with the space of 20 foot and 40 foot containers. It is a big question. Because in an order, we can provide over 5 – 10 different metal components and parts with varied sizes and quantity. Therefore, our project engineers always calculate and make a detail plan before the loading process.

AM loading and delivery 3 scaled


Our plan for container shipping

The plan includes:

  • At the very first beginning of the project, we often give recommendations to our customer about the product quantity, the number of containers and the route. After discussion between 2 parties, we would offer the most optimal solution about cost, delivery time and safety.
  • Then both parties determine together which size of a container the shipment will need. There are 20 foot and 40 foot containers. In addition to the size, there are a couple of types of shipping containers for you to consider. All of those depends on the cargo we use to ship.
  • We implement container shipping by following strictly standards and guidance for each type of products. Any special requirements about packing and loading are also carefully considered.
  • We keep effectively project communication to ensure that we update all customer’s requirements.
  • After the manufacturing process is completed, our project engineers estimate the final quantity and offer packing optimization by a multitude of container stuffing plans that can cut cost and optimize your shipping.
  • We encourage to use eco-friendly reusable steel packaging such as containers, cradles, support frames, stillage, wire basket… We also reduce in using plastic packaging as well as wood frame.
  • Part of container logistics is the paperwork. They’re important for all parties involved in the transaction – including the customs at the ports. With the extreme experiences in exporting many countries, we can support and corporate well in this part.

Container shipping Stuff plan

A container stuffing plan by AM Industries Vietnam


AM Industries Vietnam – Bringing the optimal container shipping solution for customers

Understanding your shipping timeline and key factors that influence arrival and departure times help us manage your shipping effectively.

Always be mindful of things that can affect the delivery of your cargo, such as cut off times at the wharf, quarantine, border inspections and rural tailgates when importing into remote Australia.

If you still have questions regarding any part of the shipping process, or if you’d like to know about the import or export of a particular product, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly AM team via email contact@aminds.com.

Loading AM Industries Vietnam 2 scaled

Loading process in AM Factory


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