Reusable steel packing can be containers, cradles, support frames, stillage…They all are green packing – eco-friendly packaging solutions that meet our customers’ aesthetic, environmental and performance goals. In this article, we will share about green packing and advantages of our Reusable steel packing products.


What Is Green Packaging?

Green packaging, also called sustainable packaging, uses materials and manufacturing techniques to diminish energy use and reduce the harmful impacts of packaging on the environment. Green packing solutions often include biodegradable and recyclable materials in preference to materials like plastic and Styrofoam. And green manufacturing processes take steps to reduce their power output and diminish the number of greenhouse emissions they produce.

Steel Cradles 3 scaled

Steel Cradles – One of popular steel packaging options (produced by AM)


Why does green packaging play a significant role in saving the environment?

The way you pack and ship your items can significantly affect our environment – and, if you find ways to minimize your impact, green shipping is an optimal option. Green shipping is the concept of sustainable development applied to the shipping sector, incorporating environmental and social responsibility.

As concerns over global warming and other environmental problems grow louder than ever, many in the shipping industry have started looking for greener alternatives. Shipping accounts for 9 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, nearly 500 million metric tons annually indirect emissions. Companies are looking to lower their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible to reduce their effect on the environment.


AM provide a various but optimal green packing for sea shipping

AM Industries Vietnam are manufacturing a wide range of green packing products including Reusable Pallet Containers, Steel Support Frame, Bulk Containers, Metal Storage Bins and Wire Baskets and so on.

We also provide containers and packing products made of several metal materials: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, alloys, and small amounts of other materials. You can see more photos products at Our Steel Components.



Steel jacket frame produced by AM


Which are advantages of reusable steel packing?


An eco-friendly solution

Steel is 100% recyclable, which means it can be recycled into the same material of the same quality again and again. When you use steel, you are using recycled. When the steel packing life cycle ends, you can sell it to steel mills, and it will start a new cycle without too many resources to produce. In other words, once metal enters the material-to-material loop, where it gets recycled again and again, it will always be available for future use. This constant reuse into new containers or other metal products saves raw materials and energy and reduces CO₂ emissions.



Steel packing can be reused many times. It can also be stowed and doesn’t take up too much storage space. Even the initial investment may be higher than other materials, steel packing has a long lifespan and is strong, stands up the harsh conditions.


Save your time and your products

Stackable steel packing (such as stillages) can help you save space in the warehouse and distribution centres. When stillage containers are employed in your organization, you will indeed notice that the time spent on handling heavy goods is significantly reduced.


Steel Base Frames


AM Industries Vietnam’s steel packing products

If you want reliable steel packing products, contact the experts at AM Industries Vietnam. Our processes include stamping, welding, folding, bending, and finishing to match our exact requirements.

Working as a solution provider, at AM Industries Vietnam, we are completely focused on our approach, and it is reflected in our business process. Due to our committed approach, we are highly trusted by our clients.

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