World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (sourced: world steel) was 148.8 million tonnes (Mt) in May 2020, an 8.7% decrease compared to May 2019.

Due to the ongoing difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of this month’s figures are estimates that may be revised with next month’s production update.

China produced 92.3 Mt of crude steel in May 2020, an increase of 4.2% compared to May 2019. Japan produced 5.9 Mt of crude steel in May 2020, down 31.8% in May 2019. India produced 5.8 Mt of crude steel in May 2020, down 39.1% in May 2019. South Korea’s steel production for May 2020 was 5.4 Mt, down by 14.1% in May 2020.


Production in the EU is estimated to be 10.5 Mt in May 2020, down 26.8% in May 2019. The United States produced 4.8 Mt of crude steel in May 2020, a decrease of 36.6% compared to May 2019. Production in the C.I.S. is estimated to be 8.2 Mt in May 2020, down 7.6% in May 2019. Ukraine produced 1.6 Mt of crude steel in May 2020, down 10.4% in May 2019. Brazil produced 2.2 Mt of crude steel production in May 2020, down by 22.6% in May 2019. Turkey’s crude steel production for May 2020 was 2.3 Mt, down by 25.8% in May 2019.



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